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OCTA Executive Committee

28 February 2019

Under OCTA’s present statutes, the Executive Committee is composed of 8 Members and one President, elected by the Ministerial Conference every year from among OCTs having an Europe-based Representative.

The Executive Committee meets 10 to 12 times a year, usually in Brussels. Its role is to translate political priorities set by the Ministerial Conference into actions and to this end its work is organised around working groups. OCT Representatives who are not official members of the Executive Committee can attend as observers and take part in the working groups.

Olivier Gaston

President of the Executive Committee
Saint Pierre et Miquelon

Edmond Paris

Vice-President of the Executive Committee

Ann Philipps

ExCo member

Terence Ienfa

ExCo member
French Polynesia

Mininnguaq Kleist

ExCo member

Chloé Calvignac

ExCo Member
New Caledonia

Kedell Worboys

ExCo Member
Saint Helena

Carol Voges

ExCo member
Sint Maarten

Tracy Knight

ExCo Member
Turks and Caicos