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Expertise France is recruiting a Programme Director OCTs

18 May 2020

Expertise France is agency responsible for the implementation of the thematic programme for OCTs. They are currently recruiting a Programme Director, responsible for the successful implementation of the programme as a whole, the guarantor of the achievement of the contractual objectives of the programme.

The overall objective of the action is to enhance the OCTs’ climate resilience and accelerate their transition to a low-carbon, energy-efficient economy (LCEEE) – with the long-term ambition to strengthen opportunities for environmentally sustainable economic development and enhance gender equality.

The programme will take place over a period of 68 months (i.e. more than 5 years) with the support of a EUR 17.8 million budget. The primary beneficiaries are the 25 OCTs - including their national governments and authorities, regional and local authorities, private sector and civil society actors, such as NGOs, social, business, and trade unions, and OCT citizens.

Please read the vacancy here.