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OCTA Chairmanship 2012 - Greenland

Highlighting priorities for the year

The Government of Greenland believes that the development of the economy has to be based on sustainable growth through job creation. My Governments plans for 2012 contain extensive structural changes of the society with the purpose of creating the framework for a sustainable society in Greenland. The rational is, that Greenland’s development aim should be to become a global player and ensure future generations economic, environmental and social sustainable development. Growth in Greenland is dependent of education, which is also a priority in the cooperation with EU.

Organising Greenland’s Chairmanship

To say a few words on what you can expect from Greenland’s Chair of the Ministerial. I will be in charge of Greenland’s political chairmanship. The Greenland Representation in Brussels will coordinate the work, both concerning the overall purpose as well as logistics and communication in close collaboration with the Department of Foreign affairs in Nuuk.
Other of the Government Departments will be involved when relevant.

The OCT Chairmanship’s tasks

My task as Chair has 3 main elements:

Generally, my Government wishes to lead our work professionally and transparent. Furthermore Greenland wishes to ensure good cooperation with relevant stakeholders in order to secure visibility for the OCTs interests. Ultimately, it is Greenland’s goal to make a difference and gain influences in the Chairmanship year. The OCT Chairmanship is an excellent position of trust, that must be managed with humbleness towards the challenges for 26 diverse countries and territories, scattered from the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean to the Caribbean and the Polynesian islands in the Pacific.

OCTA Political Declaration 2012
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